Personal Research Awards

Please note – the Personal Awards submission runs from the first week of January 2016 with a deadline date on 4th May 2016. Interviews will be held on the 11th and 12th of July 2016.

 Pharmacy Research UK offers two types of Personal Research Awards, the Galen Award and the Leverhulme Pharmacy Research Fellowship, only available to registered pharmacists.

Galen Award

One or more awards made annually to a total value of £30,000 funded by a bequest by Rowland Henry Williams.

Leverhulme Pharmacy Research Fellowship

One or more awards made annually to a total value of £45,000 funded by a grant from the Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust in order to support research relating to community pharmacy.

Who is eligible to apply?

All applicants must be a registered Pharmacist (those currently undertaking preregistration training will be considered but will need to have joined the register before receiving funding). As the purpose of the awards is to build research capacity in pharmacy practice the following groups have been identified:

  • those requiring funding between PhD and post-doctoral grants
  • those requiring funding to go from MPhil to PhD
  • practitioners new to research
  • PhD students requiring ‘research costs’ to enhance their PhDs

The awards can also be used to fund new areas of research, e.g. pre-pilot and feasibility studies that would not be considered by other funding bodies.
Please note that the Leverhulme Pharmacy Research Fellowship funding has to be used for research that is of benefit to community pharmacy or the applicant must be a community pharmacist due to the source of funding.

Please download the Personal Research Award guidance and application form.

If you are unable to download any of the documents above please contact yen.truong@rpharms.com.

Our previous Galen Award recipients can be viewed here, and Leverhulme Award recipients here.