Research Training Bursaries

The Bursary Scheme is intended to support community and primary care pharmacists who have an interest in developing their skills in conducting research relating to everyday practice.

Annually, £40K is made available to fund a number of projects over the following levels of funding:

Level 1

Funding to undertake research modules and a small-scale project (supported by a research organisation, for example, a Higher Education Institute, Primary Care Research Network or Research Design Service).

Level 2

Funding to upgrade a Diploma in Clinical/Community Pharmacy to an MSc, which usually involves undertaking a further two modules (one on research methods) and undertaking a project.

Level 3

Funding to undertake a non-pharmacy MSc.

Please download the Research Training Bursary guidance and application form.

If you are unable to download any of the documents above please contact us.

These schemes, previously operated by the Pharmacy Practice Research Trust, have been supporting pharmacists for a number of years to gain a number of different skills and educational qualifications.


Peer Review and Selection
Peer review is the process by which applications for grants to Pharmacy Research UK (PRUK) are judged by experts within a relevant research field. Peer review should be independent and carried out by individuals who have no conflicts of interest with both the institution and individual applying to the PRUK for funding. PRUK adheres to the guidelines set by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).

The Peer Review procedure operated by PRUK applies to all award types e.g. Personal Awards, Clinical Pharmacy Research Grant, and Project Grants. All applications are externally and internally Peer Reviewed to determine a funding decision.

Applications will be assessed and shortlisted through a process of expert peer review.  Each application will be independently reviewed by two external reviewers, as well as two members of our Scientific Advisory Panel. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview to discuss their application, which will include a presentation from the lead applicant, followed by questions from a Review Panel.

Our previous bursary recipients can be viewed here.

Timetable for 2016 Pharmacy Research UK Awards and Bursaries Application Process

2016 Pharmacy Research UK Awards application process goes live                       4th January 2016

Deadline for submission of Pharmacy Research UK Personal Research
Awards (including Clinical Pharmacy Research Grant) and Research
Training Bursary applications                                                                                         4th May 2016

Applicants notified of outcome                                                                                       w/c 27th June 2016

Interviews in London                                                                                                        11th & 12th July 2016

Applicants notified of outcome                                                                                       w/c 18th July 2016

Deadline for feedback to all applicants
(successful and unsuccessful at interview stage)                                                        w/c 4th August 2016